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  1. 2 x Power-Sonic 6100 F1 | Rechargeable SLA Batteries 6v 24ah
    6 Volt
    24 ah
    144 Wh
    L: 5.95"
    H: 3.70"
    W: 3.94"
    9 lbs

    This is 2 Power-Sonic 6100 F1 terminal batteries assembled front to back in Parallel to give a 6 volt 24Ah unit ideal for replacing many Dual-Lite batteries including Dual-Lite 12-804, Dual-Lite 12-828, Dual-Lite 12-829, Dual-Lite 12-864. It is commonly used in emergency lighting, alarm systems, UPS systems, medical equipment, wheelchairs, scooters and industrial equipment.

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