Battery Testers

BatteryGuy battery testers are a great way to check the current health of your batteries and ensure it is the battery that needs replacing, not a faulty appliance

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  1. Renata Watch and Battery Analyzer (RENATA-BWT94)
    L: 4.00"
    H: 4.00"
    W: 1.50"
    0.5 lbs

    Simplify Life Without Having to Open Your Analog Quartz Watch to Test Your Battery!

    Renatas BWT94 state of the art battery testers special inductive circuit can test your watch battery by simply laying the watch on top of the tester without the need to open the watch and remove the battery. Apon laying the watch on top of the tester, the gauge will let you now how much charge the battery has and if the watch needs a battery replacement or repair. The battery analyzer can also test the batteries alone, verifying it is fresh before you put all the work into replacing the battery and putting the watch back together.

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