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Power-Sonic-PDC-12350-DEEP-CYCLE-Rechargeable SLA-Battery-12v-35ah

V A Dims W
12 volts 35 ah L: 7.68" H: 6.46" W: 5.12" 25 lbs 420 Wh
Power-Sonic-PDC-12350-DEEP-CYCLE-Rechargeable SLA-Battery-12v-35ah
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Power-Sonic PDC-12350 DEEP CYCLE 12 volt 35 Ah Rechargeable SLA battery. Our Power-Sonic PDC-12350 is commonly used in Wheelchairs, Scooters, Floor Scrubbers, Lawn & Garden Equipment, Marine, RV House Power, Trolling Motors, Golf Carts as well as others.  *CALL FOR AVAILABILITY & PRICING*

(This is one Battery – Please verify quantity needed for your application before ordering)

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Product Features

Rechargeable Battery

Rechargeable Battery

This 12 volt 35ah SLA battery can be discharged and recharged multiple times. Cycle service life will depend on the depth of discharges. See the Technical Specification Sheet for more details.

Maintenance Free

Maintenance Free

BatteryGuy SLA batteries do not require any maintenance while in use. Electrolyte levels are calibrated during factory production and do not need to be inspected or topped up

Deep Cycle Design

Deep Cycle Design

All BatteryGuy SLA batteries are designed for deep cycling making them ideal for UPSs, Emergency Lighting, Mobile Medical Devices and many other applications.

Puncture Resistant Case

Puncture Resistant Case

Each of the 6 cells within this SLA battery is wrapped in a puncture resistant polyethylene envelope so even if the outercase is pierced no leakage will occur.

Corrosion Resistance

Corrosion Resistance

We use Silver plated copper Faston Tabs, copper wire lead connectors, Coperized Silver or Lead stud terminals and Stainless Steel nut and bolt terminals depending on the model

Gas Safety Vents

Gas Safety Vents

We know charging equipment or the appliance that the battery powers can malfunction but our one way gas safety vents ensure there is no risk of battery explosion or fire.

Anti Buckle Separators

Anti Buckle Separators

Internal plate buckling can kill a battery outright or simply reduce its lifespan. Our AGM separators gives the plates extra support to eliminate buckling.

High Energy Density

High Energy Density

The way we make our 12 volt 35ah SLA batteries means you get an excellent energy per pound of weight ratio.

Optimized Conductivity

Optimized Conductivity

The materials we use inside and out have been specially selected for their optimal electrical conductivity so energy loss inside the battery is minimized.

Detailed description


Power-Sonic PDC-12350 AGM DEEP CYCLE 12 volt 35 Ah Rechargeable SLA battery. Our Power-Sonic PDC-12350 is commonly used in Wheelchairs, Scooters, Floor Scrubbers, Lawn & Garden Equipment, Marine, RV House Power, Trolling Motors, Golf Carts as well as others.

The PDC-12350 AGM DEEP CYCLE battery is commonly used in applications with deep discharge applications; it has a wide operating temperature, long service life and deep discharge recovery.


See our page How to find your replacement battery for more information.

Chemistry: Deep Discharge Rechargeable Sealed Lead Acid

Dimensions: 7.68" L x 5.12"  W x 6.46" H

Connector Type: Nut & Bolt (NB)

Nut and Bolt for BG-12330

Warranty: 1 Year

UL Number: MH 20845

Approved for transport by air. D.O.T., I.A.T.A., F.A.A. and C.A.B. certified.

Battery Qualifications: This battery meets JIS, DIN and IEC international standards, ISO 9001 certification and has the UL seal of approval.  

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Detailed Images

Power-Sonic-PDC-12350-DEEP-CYCLE-Rechargeable SLA-Battery-12v-35ah
Power-Sonic-PDC-12350-DEEP-CYCLE-Rechargeable SLA-Battery-12v-35ah

Technical Specifications

Voltage 12 volts
Amperage 35 ah
Dimensions L: 7.68", H: 6.46", W: 5.12"
Product code Power-Sonic PDC-12350
SKU - 19542
Availability Out of stock
Condition New
Quantity in stock No items available but we are expecting more stock in the future
Weight 25 lbs
UPC 813340013483
Technical Specification Sheet
Safety Data Sheet

Product Q&As

Product Q&A

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Alerts and Warnings

If your application runs on multiple batteries, make sure to replace all of them at the same time or you will dramatically reduce the lifespan of the new batteries by mixing them with older batteries.

You have to install your replacement batteries in the same original configuration they came out and are required to use your existing hardware and cables to reconnect the replacement batteries when applicable.

It is your responsibility to verify the battery or batteries being ordered match the battery or batteries in your application prior to placing your order. Please check your:

  • existing battery dimensions (Length x Width x Height)
  • quantity needed to replace all batteries
  • voltage and amp hour requirements

Manufacturers may change requirements without notice. BatteryGuy is not responsible for incorrect orders - if you need help, please contact us.


Batteries, battery posts, battery terminals, and related accessories can expose you to chemicals including lead and lead compounds, which are known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information go to

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A sealed lead acid battery being cut open to reveal its internal components. Do not try this at home as sealed lead acid batteries contain harmful chemicals which may damage your skin and clothing.

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