Lithium Batteries

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Lithium battery positive terminal elements

What are lithium metal batteries?

This article deals mostly with disposable lithium metal batteries – see What are Lithium-Ion batteries for more information on rechargeable…

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Basic Lithium Cell Battery Structure

What are Lithium-Ion batteries?

Lithium-ion refers to rechargeable (or secondary) lithium batteries. They should not be confused with lithium metal disposable batteries which we…

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How to store lithium based batteries

Lithium based batteries require extra attention as improper storage can cause units to overheat and potentially catch fire in a…

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Lithium-ion battery showing Watt-hour rating

Air travel with lithium batteries

Lithium is a relatively new technology and there are concerns about its stability. Most notably, this battery type has been…

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Tesla Model S car on fire

Safety issues with lithium batteries

Since commercial introduction in the early nineteen nineties, lithium metal batteries (disposable) and lithium-ion batteries (rechargeable) have been produced in…

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IATA packing lithium batteries

Shipping lithium batteries

Lithium batteries are defined in international regulations and by many transport companies as a hazardous material (HazMat). This applies to…

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Manufacturing process of a lithium battery - step 6

What are lithium batteries?

Lithium batteries are so called because the metal they originally used as plates is lithium based as apposed to, for example,…

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