Lithium content calculator

You may need to calculate the lithium metal content (or lithium equivalent content) of a lithium battery to determine how it should be shipped or to ensure you conform to regulations regarding air travel with lithium batteries. This applies to lithium metal batteries (disposable) and lithium ion batteries (rechargeable).

Enter the Ah or mAh capacity of your battery below to calculate the lithium content.

Capacity Type:
Lithium Content:

For information on how this calculator works see How to calculate the lithium content in a battery.

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  1. Thomas V

    As per the IATA Dangerous Goods Regulations, the Packing Instructions for the Lithium Metal Batteries are based on the Lithium contents.
    But the Lithium contents are not marked on the Battery casings.

    All that is marked is the Volts.

    There is no formula that we know to help us determine the grams based on Volts.
    If we could have the Ah marked on the Casings, we could have calculated the Grams but the Ah are not marked.

    Grateful, if we could be advised of any formula that could help in calculating the grams from the Volts, which is only data shown on the Battery

    1. BatteryGuy

      The only way round this would be to contact the manufacturer to get the ah or mah capacity.

  2. Jeff

    I bought a used yeti generator1400. The battery is 132 Ah . The volt s is 10.8 brand new. I put my multi meter on it and it read 11.85 volts . Does this mean the battery is like new ?

    1. BatteryGuy Editor

      This type of battery has an average life span of approx. 3 – 5 years. I would say that your battery is at the end of its life and has built up sulfate on the plates as they mentioned. This is totally normal after this length of time and your battery has served its purpose. It has gotten to the point that it can only hold very little charge. As far as the charger, I would think it was good, but again who knows since it has five years of use.

  3. Wes

    Hey BatterGuy, how do you think the agencies will handle rechargeable lithium metal batteries? If you ship them at low SOC, the actual Li metal content will be quite low compared to this calculated value. Cheers.

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