Lithium battery watt hour calculator

You may need to know the watt hour (Wh) rating of a lithium battery to determine how it should be shipped or to ensure you conform to regulations regarding air travel with lithium batteries. This applies to lithium metal batteries (disposable) and lithium ion batteries (rechargeable).

If your lithium battery does not include a watt hour (Wh) rating on the casing you can calculate it by using the voltage and mAh or Ah capacity.

Capacity Type:
Wh rating:

For information on how this calculator works see How to calculate the Watt Hours (Wh) of a lithium battery.

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  1. issac groh

    i have a 100 min run lithuim ion battery, 120v 60 hz any idea what the WH for this battery ?

    1. BatteryGuy

      That sounds very strange – Hz normally is a measurement used for the charger, not the battery

  2. Ronald W Chester

    I have 4 12 volt 120 a/h in my golf cart. At 25 MPH draws 125 amps max. the battery has 175 max draw and 125 continous draw175 x 4 equals 600 max draw and 125 x 4 equals 500 continous draw. Why does it die after 12 miles? Batteries charge to 13.2 volts each battery. After 12 miles. 2 batteries are 12.9 and 2 batteries 11.5. It dies then. Battery Evo Tech cannot figure why they die. Can you help us with any suggestions? Ty, Ron

    1. BatteryGuy

      I don’t know how your batteries are wired together but it sounds like they are of different ages or brands because they are discharging at different rates. Two of them possibly have old or faulty cells. Our recommendation would be to replace all the batteries with a new pack – all from the same manufacturer and ideally from the same factory batch.

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