What is the difference between an Emergency Ballast Light and an Electronic Ballast Light?

Emergency Ballast and Electronic Ballast are both totally different creatures.

Electronic Ballast are an electrical device for starting and regulating fluorescent and discharge lamps. Electronic Ballasts increase lamp efficiency. Modern functionalities of Electronic Ballasts include electromagnetic interference (noise reduction), power factor correction, a resonant output stage for high frequency AC control of the lamp and a controlling circuit for each of the stages.

Controlling fluorescent lamps also requires additional circuitry necessary for preheating the lamp filaments, igniting the lamp, and end-of-life protection.

Emergency Ballast on the other hand exist for emergency lighting purposes. Emergency Ballast contain a rechargeable battery and electronics that will allow for back-up power to a fixture during power outages, lighting an area for 90 minutes.

Emergency ballasts are required by code in most areas to help light a person’s way during an escape in low or no lighting emergency situations. Emergency ballasts can be found in many commercial and industrial settings.

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