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What is the shelf life of a sealed lead acid battery?

What is the shelf life of a sealed lead acid battery?
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Posted: 04-12-2012 14:01
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BatteryGuy says

The shelf life of a sealed lead acid battery varies according to several factors

  1. Temperature: (The ideal temperature to store SLA batteries is 50 degrees Ferhnheit or less.)
  2. Capacity: (Was the battery fully charged when placed on the shelf and is it being recharged periodically?)
  3. Age: (All sealed lead acid batteries eventually exceed there life expectency.)

A SLA (Sealed Lead Acid) battery can generally sit on a shelf  at room temperature with no charging for up to a year when at full capacity, but is not recommended. Sealed Lead Acid batteries should be charged at least every 6 - 9 months. A sealed lead acid battery generally discharges 3% every month.

Sulfation of SLA Batteries

If a SLA battery is allowed to discharge to a certain point, you may end up with sulfation and render your battery useless, never geting the intended life span out of the battery. Sulfation is when the electrolyte in the sealed lead acid battery begins to break down. Sulfur in the solution leachs from the electrolyte and begins to stick to the lead plates becoming Lead Sulfuric Crystals. The crystal build up on the lead plates keeps the plates from working as intended and also elliminates the needed sulfer in the electrolyte solution.

Storage Temperatures of SLA Batteries

The combination of these issues weakens the ability of the battery to accept and and deliver a charge.  If you are going to store sealed lead acid batteries on a shelf without charging them, it is recomended you store the batteries at 50 degrees Ferhenheight/ 10 degrees Celsius or less. 

Periodic Recharging of SLA Batteries

When storing sealed lead acid batteries for long periods, it is recomended that you top charge the batteries periodically. The top charge should be for 20 - 24 hours at a constant voltage of 2.4 volts per cell. 6 volt sealed lead acid batteries have 3 cells which ammounts to 7.2 volts where as 12 volt sealed lead acid batteries have 6 cells which amounts to 14.4 volts.

Replacing your SLA battery

If your SLA battery has been stored for some time and is now not holding a charge then it is no longer servicable and will need to be replaced.

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Comments on What is the shelf life of a sealed lead acid battery?

brian 08-12-2014 23:43
what is required if the lead acid battery is used ina upsand is alwayscharged. how long will it last

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