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Lithonia ELB-CS05 replacement battery - $7.50

BatteryGuy recommends Nickel Cadmium Battery 4.8v 800mah | BGN800-4EWP-PR326EC as a replacement battery for Lithonia ELB-CS05. $7.50 with nationwide delivery

This battery meets or exceeds the Original Equipment Manufacturer's specifications at a much lower price.

Voltage 4.8 volts
Amperage 800 mAh
Dimensions L: 1.14", H: 1.98", W: 1.14"
Product Code BGN800-4EWP-PR326EC
SKU 18002-42
Availability In stock.
Same day shipping available
Condition New
Weight 0.38 lbs

BatteryGuy Price: $7.50
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Detailed Description

Chemistry: Nickel Cadmium (Nicad)

Dimensions: 1.14" Long x 1.14" Wide x 1.98" High

Configuration: Four Cells in Two Even Horizontal Rows

Polarity: Reverse Polarity (Red Wire will be on side of connector with notch when reverse polarity/ Please Confirm)

Connector Type: Wire Lead With PR326EC Connector

BatteryGuy Nicad Batteries Typically Have 20% - 40% More Capacity Than Other Regularly Available Batteries of the Same Size and Can Support up to 500 Charge/ Discharge Cycles or Five Years Standby Power Under Normal Conditions.  Nickel Cadmium Batteries Are Commonly Found in Emergency Lighting, Alarm/ Security Systems, Backup Power Devices and Other Electrical Devices.

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