What is a Nickel Cadmium Battery Pack?

Types of Nickel Cadmium Battery Pack

Nickel cadmium battery packs
Nickel cadmium battery packs

There are thousands of different variations of Nickel Cadmium battery packs available.  There are different battery cell configurations, different voltages, different amperages (amps) and different combinations of all three. Nickel Cadmium battery packs are typically made up of a combination of individual nicad cells that have been wired, welded together, glued and packaged in shrink wrap with a unique part #.

During manufacturing, these nicad cells can be combined in a vertical stack, two even rows, two uneven rows, in horizontal rows, in two horizontal rows, in two nested horizontal rows, in a triangle as well as other ways.  The reason for the many nicad assembly combinations is to allow for fit into particular products with limited space as well as to allow for the exact voltage and amp hours required for the product.

Nicad Battery Assembly Example

An example of a nicad battery assembly would be two individual AA nicad cells which are 1.2 volt 800 Mah each combined side by side for a total of 2.4 volts and 800Mah.  This Nickel Cadmium battery pack would fit into a product with a space that is roughly 1.12” L x 0.56” W x 1.89” High.

Say the product you have has the same voltage and amperage, but only has a space that is roughly 0.56” L x 0.56” W x 3.78” High.  You could take the two AA nicad cells and have them manufactured in a vertical stack to fit the narrow space in your product while keeping the voltage and amperage the same.

Replacing a Nicad Battery Pack

Voltage, amperage, battery cell configuration, part # and the wire lead connector type you need will play an important role as to what replacement nicad battery pack you get.

Sometimes the part # on the nicad battery pack will only be for the individual nicad battery cell, but sometime you get lucky and the part # refers to the entire nicad battery pack including the connector type.  It’s best to provide all the information you can to avoid getting the wrong nicad battery pack.

As a help, BatteryGuy offer clear photos, measurements and descriptions of the various common nickel cadmium battery packs available on its website.  BatteryGuy can also supply you with a nicad battery pack worksheet to help guide you through the questions that help identify what nicad battery pack you need.

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