Protective clothing when handling SLA batteries

In good condition sealed lead acid batteries should pose no threat to your health or your clothing but caution should always be exercised because:

  1. units may be cracked and leaking acid in a location not visible to you when you lift them.
  2. units may have been stored underneath a damaged or leaking battery and so will have residual acid on their casing.

Both acid and lead are a danger to your health while acid is also corrosive to a wide variety of materials such as clothing. To some extent acid contact with the skin can be dealt with quickly through thorough rinsing using plenty of fresh water but acid on clothing can cause the fabric to start disintegrating within minutes.

Lead is mostly an issue should it be inhaled (in powdered form) or swallowed.

So as a safety precaution it is always recommended that you wear protective clothing as follows:

  • eye goggles to guard against splashing
  • a plastic apron on top of your clothing
  • rubber boots
  • rubber gloves that cover both the hands and wrists

Remember these are simply safety precautions and issues rarely occur, especially with sealed lead acid batteries sourced from Battery Guy because we sell only high quality, industry leading brands.

For more information on what to do if you come into contact with either acid or lead see our article on First Aid Measures with Sealed Lead Acid batteries.

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