How to test an Alarm System Battery

Alarm systems come in all shapes and sizes and can be there for a variety of reasons from picking up smoke as a potential signal that there is a fire to movement in a room suggesting an intruder is in the property.

Some alarm systems rely wholly on a battery while others are mains operated with a battery used as a backup should there be a power failure. Ultimately this means that every system should have its’ battery tested at regular intervals.

Many products on the market are designed to inform the owner that the alarm system battery is failing. This can be a simple audible ‘beep’ that sounds periodically on a single unit or a digitally displayed text warning on more integrated systems that have a control panel.

If your system is mains powered with a backup battery then it is recommended that you check these automated alerts regularly by placing a battery you know to be dead in the unit or units and verifying that the inbuilt monitor picks it up as such. Should it fail to do so you should contact the manufacturer or a service provider so it can be repaired.

If your system relies only on a battery there is usually a push button facility which you can press to check the unit or units are working. It is especially important to do this if the property has been empty for some time (e.g. you have been away on holiday or your business has been closed for a vacation period) and may have missed the warning sounds as the battery ran flat.

In all cases it is recommended that you also check the instructions from the alarm system’s manufacturer. If you do not have the original instruction manual check their website as replacement documents can often be downloaded for free.

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