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Can Acid Leak from a SLA battery?

SLA, or Sealed Lead Acid batteries are specially constructed to be completely maintenance free. Sealed Lead Acid batteries fall into the category of VRLA (valve regulated lead-acid) batteries. They do not require the regular addition of water to the cells and vent less gas than standard flooded lead-acid batteries.

The electrolyte (battery acid) in an SLA battery is fixed in the battery and sealed using special pressure valves and should never be opened. These batteries are designed to be leak-proof and non-spill able, and therefore can be operated in any position without leakage. As long as the SLA battery is not opened and is handled properly, without physical damage to the case, sealed lead acid batteries should not pose a risk for leakage.

Absorbent Glass Matting

Modern Sealed Lead Acid batteries also contain Absorbent Glass Matt technology (AGM); An Absorbent Glass Matt is made up of small thin fiberglass strands that have been woven into a mat.  The mat is designed to hold the amount of electrolyte (battery acid) needed for each cell in order for the battery to operate appropriately.

The absorbent glass mat will not absorb the acid, but hold it and is not susceptible to damages due to its acidic environment. The absorbent glass mat is sandwiched between plates and lightly compressed, then soldered or welded in place. Due to the tight quarters within the battery, sealed lead acid batteries are highly resistant to vibrations.

When a sealed lead acid battery with AGM technology is cracked, the absorbent glass mat is designed to hold the acid and not leak. Sealed Lead Acid AGM batteries have much less electrolyte (battery acid) than standard lead-acid batteries lending to it sometimes being called an acid starved battery.

SLA Battery Shipping

Sealed lead acid batteries are very well constructed and are classified as non-hazardous, making them much less expensive to ship than your standard lead acid battery that has to be shipped motor freight with the acid separate.

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