Battery Sitter 6-Step Automatic Program

This article talks through the 6-step program carried out by the Battery Sitter Charger after it is connected to a battery.

1) Initialization

If, when connected, the battery voltage is above 2 volts the program goes to step 2. If not, the charger won’t start as the battery is not considered recoverable.

2) Desulfate

Tests the battery for possible deep discharge or sulfation. If necessary the Battery Sitter automatically engages a special high voltage recovery mode (max. 22 volts) with controlled very low fixed current, so as to desulfate very flat batteries, for up to 2 hours, controlled by an internal timer.

3) Charge

Charges at 0.6 Amps constant current (“bulk charging” stage) until the monitoring circuit indicates the battery should be able to crank the engine.

4) Verification

During a 30 minute timed verification stage the Battery Sitter ensures that even well-used batteries are brought to full charge saturation. If necessary the prorgam reverts automatically to the bulk charge stage (3) as many times as necessary to ensure the battery is thoroughly charged.

5) Maintain

During a timed 30-minute pause in its program, the circuit monitors the battery’s voltage drop when ‘off charge’. This is to identify batteries unable to retain their charge adequately when taken off charge.

Suspect batteries are identified by the red LED indicator. The circuit will continue to provide the batter ‘float charge’ support until disconnected.

6) Top up

Batteries which pass the voltage rentention test (step 5) are signalled “Goog” by the green LED and are then offered charge current according to their need for 30 minutes in each hour there-after so as to support connected electronic alarms and other small loads.

The voltage retention check (step 5) is then repeated during each alteration of half hour there-after for as long as the Battery Sitter and the battery remain connected.

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