Battery Glossary – Series Batteries

Batteries in a Series – A group of batteries or cells with the positive terminal of one battery (or cell) connected to the negative terminal of another battery (or cell).  This increases the overall voltage while keeping the capacity (amperage) the same.

When connected in series the voltage of each battery or cell is added together. Example –  six 2 volt cells connected in series will create a 12 volt battery. However, the amperage capacity of the battery is the same as the amperage capacity of a single cell.

Four ampere hour batteries connected in series
Four sealed lead acid amp hour batteries connected in series

To find out more see the article Connecting batteries in series.

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  1. Robert J. Johnson

    We have a motorhome with 6- 6 volt batteries to power the unit. The unit was unpluged for a few days and had discharged all the batteries. When tried to recharge them but some had reversed the polarity and would not except our new charger that would only charge them to red post negative.`

    1. BatteryGuy Editor

      This is not good. The batteries got to low to recover and damages have occurred to individual cells within the batteries, causing the polarities to reverse. They can not be recovered and I wouldn’t venture down the road of trying to charge them in reverse. Time for new batteries.

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