Are your Alarm System Batteries working?

The Chicago Tribune recently published an article (Is your home flirting with danger) on the dangers any home owner faces if they start cutting back in the wrong areas.

One of the key areas identified was with regards to Alarm Systems Batteries and the temptation to overlook replacing them on a regular basis or to ignore the need to replace some in order to save a little but end up with far greater costs should disaster strike.

Smoke Alarms – replace these twice a year and as a way to remember when do so replace them when you move your clocks forward or back. Remember that fire spreads quickly so do not ignore the need to install new batteries in areas such as your garage or laundry room.

Burglar Alarms – if your burglar alarm is connected to the mains it is easy to forget the battery until it’s too late. While you are replacing smoke alarm batteries make it a habit to test the condition of the batteries in your burglar alarm and order new ones if necessary.

Ignoring the need to maintain or replace Alarm System Batteries is tempting at a time when the credit crisis means many of us need to tighten our belts but the costs of a fire or burglary are far greater. Remember also if your insurance company finds that you had an alarm system but it failed to maintain it this could affect their decision on how much to pay out, or whether or not they should pay out at all.

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