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About the Battery Sitter Battery Charger

The Battery Sitter is the most advanced fully automatic diagnostic battery optimizer and maintainer for all 12V lead acid batteries.

This includes sealed and conventional batteries for motorcycle and similar vehicles (scooters, Jet Skis, Snowmobiles, ATVs, UVs, etc), including dry-charged (MF) and sealed (WET) maintenance free types, and sealed (Deep-Cycle) GEL batteries used in back-up power and other applications involving a steady delivery of power.

Best for batteries from 2.5Ah to 32Ah capacity.

All major starter battery manufacturers recommend maintaining starter batteries fully charged during periods of non-use. The Battery Sitter is totally safe for months-long connection during off-season battery maintenance.

  • No danger of over-charge.
  • Electronically protected against errors.
  • Just hook up the Battery Sitter to your battery, the rest is automatic.
  • No switches.
  • No fuses (except battery protection fuse).
  • sparks suppressed.

Purchase your Battery Sitter Battery Charger (2.5Ah-32 Ah).

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