A Short History of Enersys Hawker

Enersys Hawker are a leading manufacturer of Pure Lead Batteries that have a popular use in Emergency Lighting applications. Their cyclon batteries are confusingly referred to in a number of ways including Enersys Cyclon, Hawker Cyclon or Hawker Enersys Cyclon!

The history of the organization dates back to 1945 when the Swedish company Svenska Batteri AB was founded. Within three years they were purchased by Boliden who changed the name to Boliden Batteri AB.

In 1961 this business was then acquired by VARTA and yet another name change followed, this time to Nordiska Ackumulatorfabriker NOACK AB. This literally translates to “Nordic Battery Factory”.

It was in 1989, as market globalization accelerated, that the name was simplified to VARTA Batteri AB, part of the VARTA Industrial Battery Division. This in turn, in 1995, was sold to BTR plc. It was under BTR, 5 years later, that the name Hawker AB came into being.

In 2002 Hawker was merged with Enersys and the brand officially became Enersys SA although even on their own website and some battery units they continue to display the Hawker logo.

Enersys have manufacturing plants in France, Germany and Poland while supplying to a global market including Asia and the United States.

Within the world of Emergency Lighting Batteries Enersys are best known for the Cyclon battery, a type of unit where the lead plates are a spiral design within the casing rather than rectangular plates as seen in cube shaped units.

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