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What is a F1 battery terminal?

What is a F1 battery terminal?
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Posted: 02-10-2012 14:19
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BatteryGuy says

A F1 Battery Terminal is commonly found on Sealed Lead Acid batteries (SLA).  The F1 Terminal can be in different areas on the top of the battery or in rare cases on the side of the battery.  One F1 Terminal is typically signified by a red coloring around the terminal to designate it as the Positive terminal, while the other F1 Terminal is typically signified by a black coloring around the terminal to designate it as the Negative terminal.

F1 Faston Battery Terminal Location and Size

The F in F1 refers to the battery terminal as a Faston Connector, which is sometimes noted as a Blade Terminal.  A Faston Connector/ Blade Terminal can most commonly be described as a metal tab that comes up out of the top of the battery, then takes a sharp 90 degree turn narrowing at the end.  When the F1 Faston is located on the side of the battery, it  typically is a straight metal tap with no bends and sometimes has a wire harness attached.  A key identifier of the F1 connector is that it measures a 1/8" (0.187", 4.8mm)across.  See photo below.

F1 Battery Terminals are designed to allow for the easy connection of circuits without the need for hardwiring.  The electronic device that will plug into the F1 Terminals of the battery will have wires coming from it with female quick disconnect barrels on both the positive and negative wires.

Connecting to an F1 Faston Battery Terminal

When connecting the female disconnect barrels coming from the electronic device to the battery, match the color coded wires to the matching color coded battery terminals.  After attaching the wire leads to the battery, you can squeeze the rolled edges of the female disconnect barrels onto the F1 Faston Connectors to secure them.  Most emergency light fixtures and alarm/ security system back-ups batteries will have F1 terminals. 

F1 Terminal Drawing

Comments on What is a F1 battery terminal?

Louis Deslouches 07-18-2014 19:35
I kayak fish and have gone through 3 corroded F1 Terminals that broke off and each time buying a new battery. Can these F1 connectors be replaced and salvage the batteries as they are all less than a month old. If so, where do I buy them....Thanks

I checked with a few folks who use marine batteries in salt water. They highly recommend DIELECTRIC GREASE. Dielectric Grease provides a moisture-proof barrier that lubricates and protects electrical equipment from salt, dirt, and corrosion. High dielectric strength. Good thermal, oxidation, and chemical stability. You might give this a try and see if it helps.
Mark 02-01-2014 17:19
Should it read "A key identifier of the F1 connector is that it measures 3/16" (.187", 4.8mm) across.

About half the batteries out there will not have an identifier on them as to wether they have F1 or F2 Connectors. The best thing to do is measure across the metal connector spades on top to see which one you have. The F1 connector will measure 0.187" whereas the F2 connector measures 0.250" (1/4") across. Eyeballing the connector may be hard to do without actually puting a measureing tape to it.

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